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Buffalo Soldier


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His equipment consists of a Union Army Uniform (a blue formal military suit with a small, slanted cap), and a Repeater Rifle with a Bayonet. However, American Soldiers did not use Repeaters, especially with Bayonets, in the Civil war. It could be possible that they gave him one because of the slow and painful reloading cycle of the Black Powder Rifle, which was the standard issue of the time. The Repeater itself is most likely a Winchester Repeater, the Repeater of choice at the time, and one of the most well known guns in American history.


"Hey, you! Pull the rag out your quim and fight like a man!"

"Look at these ass wipes! Tearing this place up will be a cake walk."

"Y'all nothing but cowards. Killing ya'll will be nothing but a piece of cake."

"Y'all shit kickers better hit the trail before I lay you out stiff."

"An eye for an eye, asswipes. A tooth for a god damn tooth."

"Ain't a man alive that can out shoot me: Negro, white, Injun, or otherwise."

"Look at y'all cowards. One gunshot and you shit your unmentionables."

"I'm sending all y'all tenderfoots to hell, and can't a soul stop me."

"The army learned me how to put you fools six foot deep."

"I'm Buffalo Soldier, you hear me? All grit and no bullshit."

"Who want me to put them on the sunset trail? I can arrange it."

"I'm Buffalo Soldier, ya hear? I'll shoot the tits off a young heiffer."

-Buffalo Soldier in Redemption multiplayer.


  • "The Buffalo Soldiers" was a nickname given to the U.S. 10th Cavalry Regiment, and later the term was used to describe any African-American soldier in the U.S. Army.
  • When Buffalo interrupts General Diego toward the game's conclusion, he states that the General must "call General Boden right away sir" - however, the time-frame of the game means that two conclusions can be drawn; the telephone was not invented, or was not in broad circulation at this point. However it could mean that he meant to send a telegraph message to the general.
  • Buffalo Soldier is a playable character in the Legends and Killers pack for Red Dead Redemption. Also, Buffalo Soldier in Red Dead Redemption seems to wear a Confederate States of America belt buckle.
  • File:Rdrlegkillers releasedate-1-.jpg
    According to his uniform Buffalo Soldier is a Sergeant, denoted by the three chevrons on his coat, from Echo Troop, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, by the crossed cavalry sabers on his cap (2 on the top, E on the bottom)
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