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Dress like a federal bureau agent and the law won't be able to touch you.

In-game description

Redemption Bureau

The Bureau Uniform is an outfit found in Red Dead Redemption.


As the United States government takes over everything in the west, including the law system, those with the government control the law. When wearing this suit, Marston is shown to be with the government, thus, the law cannot touch him.


Bureau Uniform is discovered at around 75% game completion. It is gained after 100% Completion of the game. The completion rate can be found by going to the start menu then going to Stats> General> Game Completed. The player also receives the Redeemed Achievement/Trophy for fully completing the game.

See 100% Completion for more information on how to obtain 100% completion.

It can also be obtained with a cheat, although John cannot use it.


  • Interestingly, the outfit also grants amnesty in Mexico even though it is a United States Bureau outfit.
  • The player cannot rob NPCs while wearing this outfit. Keep in mind that NPCs will still open fire against the player if the player is shooting at them while wearing this outfit.
  • Marston's forehead can sometimes be seen through the bowler hat.
  • The outfit picture shows a badge on the collar flap, but if you look when Marston is wearing it, the badge isn't there. This is strange, as Bureau agents such as Archer Fordham and Edgar Ross are seen with a small silver badge on their uniform.
  • This is one of the suits that only Jack Marston can wear, the others being his unique Cowboy Outfit, the U.S. Marshal Outfit, and the U.S. Army Uniform.
  • John can be seen wearing it in a picture below, meaning its requirements were different during development.


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