Orange milkweed flowers, used for coughs and lung ailments.
In-game description

Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosa) is a vendible good Marston can collect by Plant gathering.

Note: prices listed on this page are based upon the player having neutral honor and playing the game on Normal difficulty. If the player has high honor, the selling price will be Increased by 50% everywhere except Thieves' Landing. Low Honor decreases selling price by 50% everywhere except Thieves' Landing. While playing the game on Hardcore difficulty, money is more scarce and the base, neutral honor price of each item will be slightly lower.


It is located in and near the borders of Diez Coronas, eastern Nuevo Paraíso. It is a green, long-stemmed plant with yellow flowers at the top. It is mostly found in dry, isolated areas, or surrounded by short shrubbery like vegetation. They can not be found very close to Agave plants. The plant can also be located on the route between Chuparosa and Escalera.


Tips and Tricks

Start off at Casa Madrugada and run down the railroad tracks to Perdido. There are several Butterfly Weed on this path. Once you reach the end, fast travel to Blackwater and sleep at the saloon for one full day (or just sleep in the home at Casa Madrugada if you've purchased it). This allows time for the plants to respawn.

Start the process over until you have reached the desired amount.


Gathering plants and flowers contributes toward the following Trophies/Achievements:

Rdr frontiersman
20 gamerscoreGamerscore
Bronze bronzeBronze
Obtain Legendary rank in any Single Player Ambient Challenge.

100 gamerscoreGamerscore
Gold goldGold
Attain 100% in the Single Player Game Completion stat.


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