Cain is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Cain is a stray Catahoula Cur who wandered his way into the Van der Linde gang's camp at Clemens Point. Named by Dutch, Cain loves attention and found a new family within the gang.


Clemens Point Chapter

Cain is first spotted by Jack at Clemens Point. The dog wanders into camp and decides to make it his permanent home, much to the delight of Jack. Dutch allows him to keep the dog and even helps give him his namesake, Cain.

Beaver Hollow Chapter

At some point during the transition from Lakay to Beaver Hollow, Cain went missing. Jack would search for him, until being bluntly told by an annoyed Micah Bell: "He ain't coming back." Further questioning from Arthur implies that Micah had something to do with the dog's disappearance, and that he was likely killed by him.


  • Dutch names him after the Biblical figure of Cain, a wanderer who murdered his brother.
  • At some point in Clemens Point, Micah can be seen kicking Cain.
  • At Beaver Hollow when Jack Marston is looking for Cain, Micah will scream at Jack and tell him to get lost
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