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Caliga Hall is a plantation in Red Dead Redemption 2 in the Bayou Nwa region of the Lemoyne territory.

This is the plantation owned by the Gray Family. It is located on the eastern edge of Bayou Nwa just east of Rhodes and to the west of Saint Denis.


Caliga Hall is plantation complex owned by the Gray Family. The operation evidently began before the civil war. The Grays, utilizing slave labor, made a fortune off of tobacco and cotton production. Following the Civil War, however, the fortune has vanished into the mists of legend, and the although the family still has wealth and power, both have declined substantially. A fierce feud between the Grays and their rivals, the Braithwaites, erupted over the matter of their lost wealth.

The plantation itself consists of the main mansion house, several support buildings including a stable, a number of small houses for farmhands, and numerous acres of fields.

The plantation is strategically located near the town of Rhodes and several of the main transportation arteries to Saint Denis. This allows the Grey family to exert influence over the area, particularly in Rhodes, which they all but control.


  • On the porch on the east side of the main hall, there can be found Gray's Secret (accessible only after Chapter 4 Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern).
  • Near the northwest pier is a shack with a lean-to. On the workbench inside is the Cigarette Card for the Horse Crippler Cactus.
  • On a workbench in the middle of the barn, centrally located in the area, is the Cigarette Card for the Manned Glider - 1893 - Charles Kinnear.
  • To the south is a row of buildings. The second from the left, when looking at the map, has the Cigarette Card for New York on the front porch.
  • Far to the southeast, just across the railroad tracks is an abandoned factory. On a windowsill on the upper platform is Valerian Root.
  • Following the road southeast of the factory, just about at the curve, the Withered Arm can be found on the eastern side.
  • Southeast of Caliga where the railroad crosses the river into Saint Denis, the Legendary Lake Sturgeon can be fished.
  • Due south of the fishing location is a grouping of three islands. On the southeastern shore of the northern-most island is a wrecked boat with the Broken Pirate Sword.
  • In the cornfields to the west, a scarecrow wearing the Scarecrow Sombrero can be found.



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