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You seek to deny my freedom when I fight for yours?
Camille de Millemont

Camille de Millemont is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Camille de Millemont was born in France and at some point immigrated to the United States. He developed extreme patriotism towards the Confederacy and joined the Lemoyne Raiders. De Millemont soon became a feared figure in the town of Rhodes. He is wanted for $55 by the Scarlett Meadows Sheriff's Office for stealing state property, crimes against officers of the state, and the murder of a postal mail carrier.

Events in Red Dead Redemption 2

De Millemont can be tracked to Catfish Jacksons where he is returning with a group of Raiders. After killing the Raiders the player has the option to kill him. Another group ambushes the player on the way back. The player can then bring him in and receive the bounty. Once brought into prison, de Millemont will go on rants on how he fights for the idea of the Lemoyne Raiders being the heart of a true America. If killed, the player will be told to dump his body behind the sheriff's office.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • As a result of a glitch, Camille de Millemont can sometimes be found roaming freely around Rhodes, behaving as if imprisoned, saying "How does it feel, putting one of your own behind the bars." if approached.