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Camps are temporary resting points established in the wilderness. In Red Dead Redemption, camps also provide the player with the ability to save the game, change outfits, and fast travel.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, camps are further expanded wherein players can avail to a small camp or the main camp - the Van der Linde camp where the player can modify their character, interact with fellow gang members, sleep, do chores or fast travel.


Camps are an essential component in the American West at the time of Red Dead Revolver, Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2, due to the distance and travel time between settlements. Camps provide an opportunity for individuals and their horses to eat and rest; campfires are integral to provide light and keep predatory animals away. Rudimentary tents provide shelter from the elements and mild comfort.

Red Dead Redemption

In Red Dead Redemption, two types of camps exist - those established by the player and fixed or random campsites that are often populated with NPCs.

Player-founded camps

The player can establish a camp anywhere in the wilderness, with the exception of areas close to towns, settlements or gang hideouts, and areas near roads or bodies of water. After establishing a camp, the player can save game progress, change outfits, or fast travel to another destination.

The Basic Campsite that the player begins the game which can be upgraded to the Improved Campsite, which also refills ammunition. This can be purchased at most general stores. Each type is found in the Kit section of the player's inventory.

NPC camps

Campsites exist in some fixed locations and also spawn randomly across the wilderness. Often NPCs will be present at these campsites and the player can choose to rest for a while and hear their tales by the campfire. Sometimes these tales relate to the player's own adventures in Red Dead Redemption. NPCs may also tell stories related to the narrative of Red Dead Revolver.

In a random encounter, one may find a campsite filled with TNT and several people working. If Marston is close enough, he will hear a short conversation between the men, in which one warns the other to be careful with the explosives. A short while later a massive explosion wipes out the camp along with the men, Marston (if he is close enough), and any wildlife unlucky enough to be near the site.

Undead Nightmare

Player campsites are not available in Undead Nightmare.

Non-player camps in Undead Nightmare can be of several different kinds:

  • A group of two or more survivors surrounded by a wall of boxes that are holding off a crowd of undead.
  • A scientist with a gatling gun and several undead corpses who is trying to find what is making the undead work and how to cure them, but requires a live test subject which can be any type of zombie.
  • A person sitting at the campfire with their lover or friend who's turned undead and is tied to a stake in the ground, who can be released and will attack John or the other person.
  • A lone person that is eating the flesh of either undead or humans.

The last two are the only types that will have conversations with John about their experiences in the apocalypse. They will even offer John a limb or bone to eat from, which will make him vomit.

Red Dead Redemption 2

In Red Dead Redemption 2, there are three types of camps in the game - the main camp where the Van der Linde gang resides, camps established by the player, and fixed or random campsites that are often populated with NPCs.

Gang Camp

As they hide from the law, the members of the Van der Linde gang spend their time on various camps around the Country (six in total). The members perform various small tasks to keep the camp in shape and their overall morale high. Arthur Morgan can interact with and accept passive missions (such as bringing some coffee to Simon Pearson) from his fellow gang members. While the player isn't punished for ignoring the rest of the gang, the other members will voice their disappointment if left alone for long periods of time. To purchase upgrades for the camp, the player must unlock the ledger by completing "Money Lending and Other Sins I & II ".

In camp, players can check on the status of the medical, munitions' and provisions' wagons. These wagons can be restocked through the ledger to provide Arthur supplies. The supplies' statuses are indicated in colors - red, white and gold indicate low, medium and high amount of supplies respectively.

Camp membership is fluid, and players may find that members leave or arrive while they are away. Quests can reveal their whereabouts. Time of day also influences whom players may interact with at the camp. While keeping morale high is optional, it provides various benefits, such as additional supplies and bonuses.[1]

Players should note that being absent from camp for a long period of time (more than three days) will result in honor loss for Arthur when he goes back to camp. Javier, Charles or Bill may be sent to retrieve Arthur, but regardless of the player's decision to ride with him or stay, the honor loss will still apply.

The Van der Linde camp has rules to be observed, such as not bringing dead or hogtied people nor enemies to the grounds. Not following these rules shall result in honor loss, with Arthur being unable to enter until he leaves the corpse or hogtied person behind or helps his comrades in guard duty to kill all the enemies who followed him.

After the epilogue, the same rules above shall apply to Pronghorn Ranch and Beecher's Hope.


Arthur can increase his honor by carrying out various chores in camp by himself. Chores can be done from morning to late afternoon. They are indicated by a black dot on the player's map. The chores include carrying hay bales to horses, carrying maize sacks to Pearson's wagon and chopping firewood. Carrying out chores increases Arthur's honor.

Starting from Chapter 5, Arthur can no longer carry out chores in camp, as he becomes sick.

Missable Item Requests and Activities

Main Article: Missable Content in Redemption 2

Arthur can initiate item requests in the gang camp. Most item requests are triggered in camp by either talking with fellow gang members, or taking part in a camp activity (e.g. playing dominoes) with them. After finding the necessary item, Arthur is required to visit the camp to finish the requests, and fellow gang members will not always be available to accept the items. Finishing item requests increase Arthur's honor.

Aside from item requests, all missable fellow members' activities such as fishing and stagecoach robberies are given in camps. These activities are only available for a few days. Once missed, Arthur cannot join them.

Provision, Crafting and Fund Donations

Arthur can donate hunting goods to Pearson for provision, crafting, and funds at the camp's butcher table. Arthur can also donate valuables or money to the camp money box. Donations are introduced at the end of "Eastward Bound".

In terms of provisions, Arthur can donate uncooked meat or animal carcasses to Pearson to make the camp stew, which increases his Honor. High quality meat, such as prime beef joint, gristly mutton and succulent fish are much preferred over low quality meat such as gritty meat and gamey bird meat. Depending on the quality of the donated meat, Pearson and Arthur will both react differently. Camp members will also react differently when eating the camp stew. Members will praise a stew made of high-quality meat, and complain if the stew is made of low-quality meat. When Pearson's provisions run low, camp morale will also be low. In this case, Dutch may comment that camp members are on the brink of "rebellion".

Arthur must purchase leather working tools through the ledger before Pearson can craft any items. Nonetheless, Arthur can donate perfect (three-star) animal pelts and carcasses to Pearson for crafting in advance, as the materials will be stored. Imperfect pelts and carcasses can only be donated either for funds or provisions. Pearson can use certain pelts to craft Arthur's satchel, which helps increase its capacity. Pearson can craft various camp accessories by using perfect pelts and animal carcasses, but these accessories are for decorative purposes only. The recipes can be viewed on the crafting interface when interacting with Pearson.

Arthur can donate money and items for funds. Pearson accepts animal parts such as feathers, tusks and fangs for funds. Otherwise, Arthur can directly donate valuables to the camp cash box. The funds can be used to purchase camp upgrades.


The gang camp can be further upgraded to unlock additional features through the ledger. The upgrade list are as follows.

  • Strauss's wagon (3) - include more types of tonics.
  • Pearson's wagon (3) - include more types of provisions.
  • Arthur's wagon (3) - include more types of ammunition and throwable weapons.
  • Lodging (3) - upgrade Dutch's tent, then Arthur's lodging, and ultimately everyone's tents.
    • Upgrading Dutch's tent encourages others to donate to camp.
    • Upgrading Arthur's lodging creates a fast travel point.
    • Upgrading everyone's tents increases camp morale.
  • Horse station - allow players to recover their stabled horses.
  • Chicken coop - eating Pearson's stew increases Arthur's dead eye core.
  • Leather working tools - give Pearson tools for crafting special satchels.
  • Camp boat (only available when the gang relocate to Clemens Point and Shady Belle).

In an attempt to cut down on lengthy travel times, Arthur's tent can be upgraded as a Fast Travel point.[2]

Table Games

Arthur can play several table games with fellow gang members. Who Arthur will face as opponents in the table game depends on story progress and the gang member's availability. The table game type also depends on story progress. The player can gamble for money in Poker and Five Finger Fillet, but not Dominoes. The cost and payout of the gambling games are also much lower than that in towns. The following is a list of games and their available opponents.

  • Poker - John, Pearson, Strauss, Susan, Uncle, Lenny.
  • Five Finger Fillet - Lenny, Javier, Micah, Sadie.
  • Dominoes (only available in daytime) - Hosea, Abigail, Tilly (will give item request).

Starting from chapter 5, Arthur can no longer play table games at camp as he becomes sick and the overall camp mood deteriorates.

Camp Locations

After the mission "Red Dead Redemption", the Gang Camp is replaced by Safehouses, mainly the Marstons’ new ranch in Beecher's Hope on the Great Plains of West Elizabeth.

Player-founded camps

Player-founded camps are further expanded, the player can establish a camp anywhere in the wilderness, with the exception of areas close to towns, settlements or gang hideouts, and areas near roads, train tracks, or bodies of water.

After establishing a camp, the player can set up a tent, sleep and rest between days (up to 24 hours), or cook and craft food and materials. Aside from the scout campfire in the Gang Camp, the player-founded camp is the only other which has a grill the player can use to season meat (as soon as the early mission Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego is passed).

Also, if game progress is saved while sitting in tent, the player will spawn on the exact same spot when they load it back. Otherwise, the player will always spawn close to the area their progress was saved, but not on the exact spot.

The camp also provide relative security against wild animals, as the player will be attacked by no animal once the camp is set up, even when camping in dangerous areas where cougars and bears spawn. However, if the player decides to leave the camp site, draw a wild animal attention and then try to go back, the options to rest, sleep and cook won't appear until the player gets rid of the animal.

The same cannot be said of rival gangs and bounty hunters. There are two gangs who are infamous for attacking the player while camping: setting up camp for the first time in Roanoke Ridge and Tall Trees may lead to a special encounter with the Murfree Broods and Skinner Brothers, respectively, who will warn the player to stay out of their territory. If the player ignores their threats and sets up camp again within their territory, an attack will immediately happen.

In the bounty hunters' case, if the player has a price on their head, no matter how low, an attack can occur anywhere at any time while crafting or resting near the campfire. The player can perceive the bounty hunters, however, and take the proper precautions by paying attention on the camp surroundings and sudden changes on the game ambience music to a pre-fight theme, as the bounty hunters will always lurk the camp from afar before attacking.

NPC camps

NPC camps can be found at fixed locations. They can be easily located as their campfires produce black smoke in the sky. Larger camps are found at the outskirts of towns, such as the camps in Valentine and Blackwater. The player is free to use the campfire in these "public" camps without consequences. Supplies such as provisions also spawn in these camps. Taking these supplies is considered theft, but will not result in honor loss. Dogs also occasionally wander around these camps.

Smaller camps occupied by one or two travelers can be found in the wilderness. However, these "private" camps are not welcoming towards the player. Should the player go in these camps or wander around them for too long, the occupants will warn the player to leave and turn hostile if the player refuses. These camps will always have one or two horses hitched nearby. If the player decides to attack and murder the campers, it will result in honor loss regardless of self-defense, but their tents will be available for sleeping and the campfire for crafting with some limitations (grills cannot be used to season meat, for instance).

There are, however, some NPCs who are welcoming to the player when being approached in their camps, and some who will be welcoming at first, and then become hostile if the player lingers around too much. Two notable cases of always welcoming campers are the one near the Trapper shop and the new railroad at the border of Roanoke Valley, and the other in the cliffs east to the Wapiti Indian Reservation, near the Mysterious Hill Home. All of them, however, will only be always friendly if the player has high honor, and will share a life story which hints side-quests the player will encounter along their journey.

Rival gangs also set up camps at fixed locations. These camps are occupied by four to six gang members, who will immediately turn hostile when they spot the player approaching them. On some occasions, two additional members will arrive on horses after the camp occupants are killed. In earlier versions, the campfire would always go out after the player clears out the occupants in these camps, disallowing the player from using it to craft items, however it was patched and now the player can use rival gang campfires and tents with the same limitations of the NPC Camps. Ammo boxes and medical boxes are available in some camps.

Camps around Murfree Broods' and Skinner Brothers' territories, however, are not from these gangs, but from NPC which were ambushed and looted by them. In the Skinner Brothers' case, the player may find the camp already looted with a gruesome scene left behind; in the Murfree Brood's case, the player will already find the campers dead, and witness two Murfrees looting them. After being dispatched, two other Murfrees will always come from nearby and attack the player. Another special encounter in Roanoke Ridge involves two Murfrees trying to lure and rob the player by faking cries in a tent.


Some items can only be created at the camp's fire. The below details tonics and similar items. Note that cooking recipes have their own page, and require a grill for crafting some of them, which are only available at the scout campfire at the Gang Camp and player-founded camps.

See also: Tonics in Redemption 2

Red Dead Online

The player can set up and customize camp across the map. A small camp can hold between 1-4 Posse Members and has a daily maintenance fee of $1.00. A large camp is available only to Persistent Posses, holding 1-7 Posse Members for a $2.00 daily fee. Camps can be set up in Big Valley, Bayou Nwa, Cholla Springs, Cumberland Forest, Gaptooth Ridge, Grizzlies, Heartland Overflow, Hennigan's Stead, Río Bravo, Roanoke Ridge, Scarlett Meadows and Tall Trees.

The camp will stay in a fixed location but later changes location automatically every in-game day.[3]

Camp Upgrades

Below are all possible online camp upgrades. Near the wagon inside the player's camp, the player can access Wilderness Outfitters, which allows the camp to be customized and upgraded.


  • Standard - Initial Theme
  • The Hobo Life - no effect
  • Survivor - no effect
  • Military Surplus - no effect
  • Travelling Opulence - no effect
  • Bounty Hunter - can be unlocked after reaching Bounty Hunter rank 5.
  • Collector - can be unlocked after reaching Collector rank 5.
  • Trader - can be unlocked after reaching Trader rank 5.


  • Bedrolls – Refills your Cores to 15% when entering Free Roam. Your Cores refill 25% faster when entering a camp.
  • Lean-To – Refills your Cores to 25% when entering Free Roam. Your Cores refill 50% faster when entering a camp.
  • A-Frame – Refills your Cores to 35% when entering Free Roam. Your Cores refill 75% faster when entering a camp.
  • Tall Lean-To – Refills your Cores to 45% when entering Free Roam. Your Cores refill 100% faster when entering a camp.
  • Open-Air Lean-To – Refills your Cores to 55% when entering Free Roam. Your Cores refill 125% faster when entering a camp.
  • Covered Lean-To – Refills your Cores to 65% when entering Free Roam. Your Cores refill 150% faster when entering a camp.
  • Covered – Refills your Cores to 75% when entering Free Roam. Your Cores refill 175% faster when entering a camp.


  • There are 8 flag colors for your camp but they are only cosmetic and have no gameplay benefits.


  • Fast Travel Post – Allows you to fast travel from Camp.
  • Butcher Table - Enables production of goods for Cripps Trading Co.
  • Stew Pot - Unlocks stew recipes to boost cores.
  • Medium Delivery Wagon - Can haul 50 goods for delivery.
  • Large Delivery Wagon - Can haul 100 goods for delivery.
  • Weapon Locker - Store weapons here for later use.
  • Deluxe Campfire - Speeds campfire crafting time and provides additional seating.


  • While it is faster in real time to 'fast travel', using this option advances the game time significantly. The amount of time advanced is dependent on the distance between the camp and the player's destination.
    • Players should note that 'fast travelling' back to the gang camp from a faraway location may lead to honor loss when the player arrives at camp. This is because 'fast travelling' can advance game time by more than three days and the player is absent from gang camp during 'fast travel'.
    • As corpses aren't allowed inside the Van der Linde camp, if the player Fast Travels to it with a dead NPC on horseback, the game may instantly bug as soon as it starts the scene of the player entering its grounds.
  • Having a companion to ride along will negate the honor loss caused by absence from gang camp. However, this can only be done through glitches.
  • Arthur can use Eagle Eye to track his fellow gang members in camp. The mechanics are exactly the same as he does when tracking animals.
  • If Arthur carries around certain types of animal carcasses (such as a skunk or a legendary animal) or gets drunk inside Gang Camp, he can have unique interactions and lines of dialogue with his fellow comrades in each of the camp locations.
  • Leading enemies into the Gang Camp in will result in loss of Honor. Gang members in guard duty will come up to fight the enemies, and Arthur will only be allowed to enter the camp after all enemies are dealt with.
  • A glitch allows the player to take several gang members as companions outside the camp in Redemption 2. Arthur has to lead enemies into the camp, and then quickly gets killed or commits suicide. When Arthur respawns, several camp members will follow Arthur as companions, allowing Arthur to free-roam with them outside the gang camp.
  • In the beginning of the game, from Colter to the Clemens Point Chapter, Arthur and Dutch's living spaces and tents are right next to each other. After those chapters and how noticeably distant Arthur and Dutch are becoming, so are their living spaces. By the time the gang gets to Beaver Hollow, they are on complete opposite sides of the camp.
  • If the player sits down at random NPC in camp while carrying a hogtied victim in Redemption, Marston's head will be inside the hogtied person as if the person wasn't there. When getting up, Marston will be carrying the victim as before.
  • If the player establishes a camp in Redemption while near or riding a horse (saddle or not), the campfire will appear with the tent, bed, etc. When dismounted and away from horse, only the campfire will spawn; in Redemption 2, a similar effect can occur if the player sets up camp out of reach of whistle for the horse to hear, with the player only having a campfire without grill nor tent.



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