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Captain C. is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



C. became a ship captain operating in the Caribbean Sea at some point prior to 1899.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

In return for rescuing a group of workers in "Savagery Unleashed", Hercule Fontaine commissioned the captain to give the five members of the Van der Linde gang a save passage away from the island of Guarma.

Shortly before "Paradise Mercifully Departed", the administration of the island finds out the identities of the stranded gang members and the governor, Colonel Alberto Fussar and his right hand man Levi Simon capture the captain and torture him in a cabin in Aguasdulces in order to get information about the gang and to keep them on the island. During the mission, Arthur enters the cabin and is promtly thrown to the ground by Simon. Moments after, Dutch enters the shack and holds Levi at gunpoint. Fussar and Arthur, who is able to get up ad take out his gun join the standoff shortly after. After a short conversation, Arthur kicks his Bolt Action Rifle over to the captain, who then shoots Simon in the chest, killing him.

After Fussar escapes through a window, the captain and Dutch make acquaintance. The captain can only state an initial of the name before being interrupted by Dutch. Upon leaving the cabin, the injured captain promptly seeks cover. After Arthur, Dutch, Hercule and Micah are able to fight their way to the port, the captain tells Dutch he will be able to operate the ship and get the gang back tp the United States. During the last cutscene of the mission, the captain can be seen steering the ship.



The captain seems to be a couraged man who will try to manage every situation regardless of the physical shape he is in.


In 1899, the captain appears to be a middle-aged man, likely in his mid-40s. He has brown hair, a bushy beard and brown eyes. The captain wears a gray sweater and dirty black boots, covered up by his dark blue trousers. During the mission, he appears beaten-up and with several blood stains in his clothes.

Mission appearances

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