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The Carbine Repeater is a weapon featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.


The Buck Carbine Repeater provides versatility over being excellent in any one role. It can be fitted with a scope for marksman use, or used with sights, in close to medium range. Its ammunition capacity is far below that of the Lancaster Repeater, and even more below the capacity Litchfield Repeater. It makes up for this with a faster reload, due to the tube magazine in the stock, thus allowing a reload of all 7 rounds at once. It also has better damage than the Lancaster and better accuracy than both other repeaters. With its quick reload speed and its very well balanced stats, the Carbine Repeater can function as an effective gun in many situations.


This rifle is available from all gunsmiths. It is also provided for free during "Old Friends". It can also be picked up from slain characters in the world.