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Carmody Dell is a ranch in Red Dead Redemption 2 in The Heartlands region of the New Hanover territory. It is discovered in the mission, “The Spines of America”. During “The Spines of America” Arthur meets Hosea at the Emerald Ranch Fence, at which Hosea introduces Arthur to Seamus. Seamus explains that he is alive because he doesn’t trust just anybody, and says that for Arthur and Hosea to prove themselves, to go and steal his “cousin by marriage’s” stage coach. Arthur and Hosea head to Carmody Dell to steal the coach. At which Arthur has the choice to go in and rob the house while Hosea steals the coach either at Day or Night.

It lies to the northeast of Cornwall Kerosene & Tar. It consists out of a house, a ranch, a large cow pen and a chicken coop. The ranch is owned by Bob Crawford Sr.


This is a ranch which features a main house, barn and water tower. A dirt path leads up to the house, a large, blue wooden structure which has a veranda at the front. The house has a tiled roof, with two brick chimneys protruding from it and a large dormer at both the front and back. Scattered around the building are numerous barrels, boxes and the like. At the rear of the house is a small lean-to and a stone well.

At the back of the house is a small hill, with a wooden fence beside the tiny cliff. A few yards south-west of the fence is an outhouse. A couple of metres west of the main house is a tall, wooden water tower.

Only a few feet north of the water tower is the barn: a one-storey garage with a lean-to attached to the southern side. The barn appears rather decrepit, as it has many holes and gaps in its walls, as well as large gatherings of moss around the structure. The barn is mostly empty, aside from a few hay bales and barrels. A few metres in front of the barn is a small campfire under a tree.

A stone's throw away from the barn is a large corral, surrounded by a wooden fence. Numerous cows and bulls can be found roaming within this enclosure. Near the aforementioned tree and campsite is a tiny, wooden chicken coop.


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  • In the house on the windowsill next to the fireplace is the Cigarette Card for Leila Stetson. In the wardrobe upstairs is a Ginseng Elixir.
  • A platinum pocket watch can be found in the wardrobe upstairs.
  • A money clip $12 and a coin purse $1.77 can be found in the chest upstairs.
  • Upstairs, a Carbine Repeater can be found.
  • Far to the north and slightly west, across the border and into hills of Cumberland Forest, is a lockbox. Within is a large jewelry bag, money, and two small jewelry bags. It is at the foot of a dead tree on top of a cliff.
  • Returning after the associated mission, there is a dog on the porch that will alert the owner, on approach.


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