A cart race in New Austin.

Today, we are gladiators! Motivation, dear boy!

Nigel West Dickens

Carts are a type of transportation found in Red Dead Redemption. They are drawn by one horse and can only carry one occupant. In the game, players have the chance to take part in cart races.


The cart is the fastest way to travel in Red Dead Redemption, often reaching a speed that is nearly uncontrollable. Be cautious when driving at full speed, this nearly always results in hitting a rock or hard object which will cause the cart to become detached from the horse. There is no way to fix the cart, however you can still ride the horse, given it isn't dead. Unless driving over a cliff, the player will always survive the wreck.

Red Dead Redemption

Marston has to drive a cart during a cart race in the mission "Liars, Cheats and Other Proud Americans", for Nigel West Dickens. West Dickens asks Marston to win in the race, so he can earn the prize money.

At random times, a civilian may appear and ask Marston to retrieve his stolen cart. It's possible to ignore this, but retrieving the vehicle will result in a boost in honor and a reward of $1 to $100 dollars.

Also, like any horse-drawn vehicle, a cart will protect the player from predatory animals, except for cougars and bears, which will attack if you are sitting still for long enough.


  • When driving a cart, the B/O button can be held down, enabling an action shot camera. It will follow the cart unless the player lets go of the button.
  • The player can cause carts to flip. Simply hitting one with a horse, stagecoach, or wagon at high speed will do this.
  • It is possible to drift around corners. To do this, get the cart going as fast as possible, then turn sharply. It will swing wide in the direction the player turns. Caution is needed when doing this, for hitting an object such as a rock, will cause the cart to wreck.
  • Mules do not work in carts.


  • Sometimes when the player gets knocked off a cart the player will end up lying on the floor indefinitely, meaning the player cannot back up. This gives the appearance that Marston is dead. The only way out of this, it seems, is by killing the player with dynamite, getting eaten by wild animals, or a world event affecting you. (Xbox/PlayStation confirmed)
  • Another amusing glitch can cause the driver of a cart to bounce up and down from their seat whilst the cart is moving. (Xbox/PlayStation confirmed)
  • There's a glitch that happens rarely where if you stand near a Cart it will hit you and bounce around. (PlayStation confirmed)

For more cart and transport-related bugs, please see: Glitches

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