Catherine Braithwaite is a major character and supporting antagonist featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. She serves as the main antagonist of the game's third chapter.



She is the matriarch and eldest member of the wealthy Braithwaite family, the rivals of the Gray family.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Catherine is first seen at the Braithwaite manor when Hosea and Arthur arrive to sell her back the liquor the Van der Linde gang previously stole from her. Catherine instead hires them to give out the liquor for free at the bar in Rhodes, for some "promotional advertising".

After negotiating with Hosea, Mrs. Braithwaite hires Arthur and Sean to burn down the Gray tobacco fields using the stolen moonshine.

She eventually double-crosses the gang and kidnaps Jack Marston. When Dutch and the rest of the gang arrive to her manor to retrieve Jack, a shootout ensues which results in all of her sons being killed. After the gang lights the Braithwaite estate on fire, she reveals that she sold Jack to the notorious crimelord Angelo Bronte in Saint Denis. As the gang starts to leave, she runs back into the burning mansion and dies.

After the assault on Braithwaite Manor, her charred corpse can be found in the wreckage of her home, unrecognizable aside from the name.



Catherine displays a typical attitude of a snobbish elite from the old wealthy family. She has a strong sense of superiority, calling people whom she considers beneath her as filth or scum.


Catherine is an elderly woman with dark gray hair.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • An item named “Catherine’s Brooch” can be looted from her corpse and sold to a Fence for a reasonable price.



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