Cattle are animals found in Red Dead Redemption.


The player can herd cattle while on horseback as a way of generating cash.

Going near a bull will make it chase after the player. Killing it sometimes does not count towards honor or bounty. Slaughtering cattle will result in bounty if it is witnessed, and nearby ranch-hands may shoot at the player; as such, it is not necessary to hunt a cow in for the "Unnatural Selection" achievement.


In general, domesticated cattle can be found in pens on the majority of ranches that are present in the game. Wild cattle, which are larger than domesticated cattle, can be found in some areas as well.


  • There are three different cattle; white-brown, white-black, and brown, with two patterns of white and brown and white and black, plus the bull, which is aggressive when the player is on foot. Some cows have bells around their necks.
  • If a cow is lassoed, it will not retaliate and will follow Marston wherever he goes. This is surprisingly good for hunting animals such as wolves or other carnivores, as cattle can be brought out into the hunting ground and used as a kind of makeshift bait.
  • In multiplayer, if the player has very low health and a cow runs them over, it will display the message "[Player name] was somehow killed by a cow."
  • If you lasso a wild cattle, which is rare and uncommon, it will drag you until you fall off, let go, or die.


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