Herding Cattle

Herding Cattle

Cattle Herding was a common activity for ranchers in the American west. Cattle need to be corralled and guided to and from pastures, and in transit from one location to another.


John learns the job in the mission Women and Cattle, and is present in a few other missions

On occasion, the cattle can become spooked and run towards a dangerous situation, such as a moving train or a large cliff. It then becomes the player's job to get in front of the herd and slow them down before they are killed.

Herding cattle plays an important part in the cooperative mission The Herd, where players must protect cattle from cattle rustlers while also herding them from Pike's Basin to a corral in Armadillo.


  • Pressing the up directional button will make Marston shout at the Cattle, making them move faster but causing it to be harder to control the herd.


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