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The Cave Hermit is a minor character in Red Dead Redemption 2.



The Cave Hermit is an individual who can be encountered in the Hidden Tunnel northwest of Pronghorn Ranch in Big Valley, West Elizabeth.

After the player enters his "lair", he appears on a platform above the player and tells them to leave immediately, further informing them that he left society long ago and therefore society should leave him alone as well. Despite claiming at first to be the Devil, he later admits that he isn't, but states that he wants to be.



The Cave Hermit appears to be a lonely man, having lived in his cave for years. However, he also does not want to see any change in that, asking the player to leave when visiting him. He acts grumpy and seems to be obsessed with wanting to be the devil.


His general appearance indicates that he has been in the cave for quite a while once the player encounters him. The Hermit appears as an elderly man with a bushy beard and gray hair styled to resemble the devil's horns. The Hermit wears a white shirt and black vest, covered up by his worn black jacket and red cloak. His black trousers also appear to be outworn and he also wears a small black bow tie.


  • If the player is able to get to the higher part of the cave where the Cave Hermit is camping, he will not interact with the player or move whatsoever. However, if the player stands directly in front of him and aims their gun in his direction, he will bemoan that this is why he hates humanity.
  • If subtitles are enabled, the Cave Hermit will be referred to as "Philosopher"; perhaps alluding to the Greek philosopher Plato, and his 'Allegory of the cave'.
  • At some letters written by him, it was revealed that his name is Chiel F. J Hale.
  • Killing him will decrease the player's honor.