Chan Chut is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Chan Chut is a Chinese immigrant.


Chan Chut works as a laborer in various parts of the U.S and Mexico. At the Pacific Union Railroad Camp, he appears performing a variety of odd jobs such as repairing railroad tracks and loading supplies at the warehouse. In El Matadero he can be seen working in the back room of the local slaughterhouse, as well as lounging around a campfire with an opium pipe. He also appears sometimes in multiplayer, usually in and around Blackwater on horseback.


Néih hóu ma? (你好嗎 in Chinese - Cantonese)
Chan Chut greeting someone
You must be Mr. Marston
Chan Chut, when Marston has high fame
You be more careful, mister.
Chan Chut when bumping into someone


  • Chan Chut bears a striking resemblance to another Chinese immigrant, Thao Long.
  • He can sometimes be seen speaking in Cantonese on the phone inside the rail house at the Pacific Union Railroad Camp.
  • During evenings in El Matadero, instead of joining his fellow immigrants at the collection of tents near the edge of town, Chan will remain on his own at a small campsite just behind the slaughterhouse, hinting that he may be a loner.
  • Like most Chinese characters in the game, Chan Chut speaks in the Cantonese dialect of Chinese, hinting at his place of origin in Guangdong province.
  • Chan Chut can also be translated as "陈七", the word "陈" (Chan) is a fairly common family name in China, while the word "七" (Chut) means seven. It probably means he's the seventh's son in his family.


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