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Charles Châtenay is a character in Red Dead Redemption II.


Charles Châtenay is French artist who paints nudes and is visiting Saint Denis

He will be at Doyle's Tavern and he will ask Arthur to buy him a drink. He and Arthur will chat while they drink. He tells Arthur that he has traveled the world and painted pictures in various countries. He left France for a new life and the French salons dislike his artwork. He then give Arthur one of his sketches when he leaves. The next day a an angry man with a gun is upset at Charles for using his wife in his artwork and Arthur will break up the fight. He will thank him for stopping the man from hurting him and tells Arthur to come see his art exhibition. Arthur can visit the art gallery and people are seen looking at the artwork. The people eventually realized that he painted them without them knowing in a undressed state. They are angry that Charles did that to them and a fight breaks out in the gallery. Charles is seen running away and tells Arthur that he is going to hiding for a few days.


Mission Appearances

  • The Artist's Way



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