Follow Charlie, he's a good one to sniff out trouble.
Rufus Byrd

Charlie is a dog who is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Charlie is a Border Collie and is a black tricolor. Due to his breed, the people of MacFarlane's Ranch most likely use him to herd the cattle and sheep when not guarding the ranch at night.


  • Charlie accompanies Marston in the MacFarlane's Ranch Nightwatch missions. During the missions, he will occasionally attack anyone involved in criminal activity at the ranch . This can make subduing a criminal hard sometimes, as they may be mauled by the dog.


  • If the player whistles while near Charlie, Charlie will follow the player if they leave the ranch and point out and attack animals in the wild.
  • Charlie has a large amount of health, making it hard for any outlaw to kill him.
  • Sometime in the MacFarlane's Ranch, Charlie can be seen fetching a stick with a man or woman.

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