If you kill me, I'm going to kill you right back!

Charlie Bengle when threatened

Charlie Bengle is a minor character in Red Dead Redemption.



Nothing is known of Charlie's background only that he appears to be a lumberjack.

Events of Red Dead Redemption

Charlie can commonly be found loitering in and around the Saloon at Blackwater. However, he has been known to frequent MacFarlane's Ranch and Armadillo. Charlie can also be seen in Armadillo livery with an axe cutting the firewood. He also appears in Random Encounters in New Austin or West Elizabeth, chased by a Wolf, Cougar, Coyote or Bear the player can either save him or let the animals kill him. Bengel can also be found playing Blackjack in the Blackwater saloon.

Events of Undead Nightmare

In Undead Nightmare, Charlie can be found defending two settlements; Ridgewood Farm, where he is inside the barn or on the farmhouse balcony, and Plainview, where he is on top of one of the oil derricks. If Ridgewood Farm is saved and Charlie survives, he will move to the balcony on the farmhouse; if Plainview is saved, Charlie will be found kneeling outside a small shack with Lloyd Duffy. Charlie can also be found as a cannibal in the wilderness. If the player loots the chest he is guarding, he will open fire.


Hey, you're that guy that kills people! How ya doing?
Charlie Bengle, greeting John Marston
Do that trick where your head explodes!
Charlie Bengle, threatening the Undead
Explode a body part for me!
Charlie Bengle, attacking the Undead
Come on over! We don't bite!
—'Charlie Bengel' inviting the player to his camp in Undead Nightmare
OH MY GOD! Help me!
Charlie Bengle, running away from animals
Thanks, mister this is all I got but I will pray for you.
Charlie Bengle, after the player saves him
Lookts like your peepers are starting to sag a little sweetie. Stay strong. What? Really? Don't worry your pretty little head, um. I've got just the thing. That's right sweetheart. Mmmmm. hmmmm..... Did I ever tell you how terrific your hair feels between my fingers? I just knew your lips would taste as good as the rest of you sweetie. I just knew it! Oh my god! You're a voy-urr! You're keeping in on our love!
—' Charlie talking to a severed head


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