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Red Dead Redemption
Bounty Target

Charlie Mash
Rdr charlie mash square
Gender Male
Wanted Poster Location New Austin
Affiliations Bollard Twins Gang
Weapon Schofield Revolver
Wanted Poster
Rdr charlie mash
Dead Alive
$20 $40

You're hard to kill, mister, but I'm the man for it!
Charlie Mash

Charlie Mash is a minor character and a bounty target featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Charlie Mash is a member of the Bollard Twins Gang, who is wanted for property destruction and can be captured or killed depending on the player's choice.


Charlie appears during the mission "Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit", interestingly being presented as a Williamson Gang member; during the mission he is seen holding a cowering woman at gunpoint at Ridgewood Farm. He later appears during the mission "The Sport of Kings, and Liars", during which he is a participant in the race. Charlie's final appearance in a story mission is during the mission "On Shaky's Ground", where he is guarding the Thieves' Landing warehouse office as the player attempts to save Shaky.

In free roam, Charlie can most often be found around Thieves' Landing, frequently loitering inside the saloon and around the brothel. During Marston's first arrival in the settlement, Charlie may appear as a duelist; accepting his challenge will immediately start the duel.

He can also be encountered during the Pike's Basin gang hideout, though he will be hostile unless the player is wearing the Bollard Twins Outfit. He may also appear during a Nightwatch job in MacFarlane's Ranch where he rustles a man's horse. The player can either kill or hogtie Charlie and let the lawmen deal with him.

Charlie might appear as a hostile NPC during several Random Encounters, including "Grand Theft Stallion" and "Kidnapper". He is the only known gang-affiliated NPC to partake in those encounters.

Mission Appearances


You're ready to see hell? You better be!
Charlie Mash during a fight
Charlie Mash during a fight
Ain't the first time mister. You ready to die?
Charlie Mash during a fight
Let's get it done!
Charlie Mash during a fight
Come on, get in close, you coward!
Charlie Mash during a fistfight
I don't like the look of you, you better be careful.
Charlie Mash when threatened.
I don't wanna die... I don't wanna...
Charlie Mash when injured
You’re going to be okay now!
Charlie Mash, when another Bollard Twins Gang member is critically injured
Who died and made you God Almighty, Marston?
Charlie Mash when insulted by a high Fame John Marston.
What is wrong with you?!?
Charlie Mash when bumped.
Get these ropes off me!
Charlie Mash when hogtied.
Let’s see what you’re made of!
Charlie Mash during "The Sport of Kings, and Liars".
Go to hell!
Charlie Mash during "The Sport of Kings, and Liars".
Ain’t you a pretty little thing. I’m going to enjoy this!
Charlie Mash when holding a woman at gunpoint during "Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit".
You and me are going to have ourselves some fun!
Charlie Mash when holding a woman at gunpoint during "Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit".
Hey, you hear that?
Charlie Mash during On Shaky's Ground
Who the hell are you?
Charlie Mash after discovering Marston during On Shaky's Ground


  • Charlie's character model is available in the Outfitter under the name Michael Reese.
  • Sometimes, he rides through MacFarlane's Ranch and Blackwater as if he was a normal citizen. Although lawmen will open fire on him if they spot him, making his ride short lived.
  • Charlie and Pinky Wilson are the only Bollard Twins Gang members that can be dueled.


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