I have gone out hunting. Not a phrase I thought any pen of mine would ever ink but nonetheless one I am very proud to finally be able to write.
Charlotte Balfour, in a letter to Arthur Morgan.

Charlotte Balfour is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Charlotte married a banker named Cal Balfour. At some point they decided to leave Chicago to start a simple life together.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

First encounter

Charlotte is first encountered sitting by a grave north of Annesburg. She informs the player about how, after her husband passed away, she is certain that she will die from starvation as she does not know how to fend for herself. The player insists that he will teach her and the two search the nearby forest for rabbits. After successfully killing a rabbit, Arthur suggests she skins it. Hesitantly, she does so, by pulling the rabbit's fur from its body. Surprised that she managed it, she thanks the player for their help, and suggests that they could come and visit her sometime.

Second encounter

Some time afterwards, Charlotte is seen practicing how to use a rifle, by shooting at some glass bottles. However, Charlotte is unable to hit the bottles and asks the protagonist if they can teach her how to shoot. The player gives her some guidance, and on the second attempt, Charlotte manages to shoot a bottle.

Playing as Arthur: She thanks Arthur and offers to give him a meal. During the meal, Arthur starts to cough violently due to his Tuberculosis and eventually collapses. Charlotte decides to place him in her room, and leaves. Charlotte leaves a letter requesting Arthur to take money from her nightstand, as she won’t need it. In the letter, Charlotte expresses how thankful she is to him for being shown how to survive for herself.
Playing as John: Charlotte is grateful and thanks John for helping her, before walking inside the house. There is no third encounter if the player uses John.

Third encounter

A few days later, Charlotte seems to be doing well, and is well dressed. She thanks Arthur again and, tells him that he can take anything from her house. There are several packs of Premium Cigarettes inside for him to take.


If Arthur completes all of her three encounters, she is available at her Cabin for John to visit, eight years later. John informs her of Arthur's passing, telling her that Arthur's journal writings suggested that he thought quite highly of her and was very fond of her as well. Charlotte thanks John for telling her of Arthur's passing and tells him that she knew he wasn't well, adding that she assumed he passed away from his illness that when he stopped coming by. She says that she considers John a friend and welcomes him to her Cabin whenever he wants.



She is initially shown to be despondent after her husband died, due to her having no survival skills. However, this changes once she meets the protagonist and is subsequently taught how to fend for herself in the wild.

When meeting John after Arthur's death, Charlotte expressed fondness at meeting Arthur and was sad to hear of his fate. She told John that any friend of Arthur was a friend of hers as well, even showing him the same kindness as Arthur.



Charlotte has long, straight, black hair and a slim build. She wears a blue blouse and a skirt with a tartan pattern.


Charlotte appears much the same as she did eight years prior; however, she noticeably healthier and is seen wearing different clothes. She is seen sporting a white shirt with a brown waistcoat over it, black pants and boots, and a white brimmed hat on her head, with a feather tucked in the band. Notably, she also wears a gun-belt, inferring that the skills she learned from the protagonist paid off.


  • Unlike most characters with stranger missions, Charlotte's missions don't have names. This is likely because her strand of missions is technically considered a "Home Robbery" mission. It is listed as such in the "Robberies" section of the official guide.
  • If Arthur only completes her first encounter, John or Arthur will find her deceased in her house.
  • If Arthur never meets her, John will meet a young Charlotte Balfour, and the quest will proceed with the three normal encounters that would normally happen with Arthur.
  • The player can encounter a man with a tent not too far from her home. When talking to the man, dialogue implies that he has been stalking her.
  • Although she lives in Willard's Rest, the robbery tip about her is called "Rocky Seven," the beta name for the area.



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