Cheats in Red Dead Revolver give the player special abilities or otherwise change normal gameplay.


Cheats are unlocked by completing challenges in Bounty Hunter Mode. Once obtained, they can be activated in the pause menu. Unlike in Red Dead Redemption, where activating cheats prevents the player from earning trophies/achievements and alters save files, there is no penalty for using cheats in Red Dead Revolver. Cheats can be used while performing missions in either Bounty Hunter Mode or regular story mode. They are not available in Showdown Mode.

Once a cheat is unlocked, it is available for all player profiles - each player does not need to unlock the cheat separately.

List of Cheats

The following table lists all of the available cheats and the missions that must be completed in Bounty Hunter Mode in order to unlock them.

Cheat Effect of Cheat Unlocking Mission
Bite the Bullet Significantly increases damage per shot, both to the player and to enemies. One hit reduces the player's health to almost zero, a second hit kills the player. One shot anywhere kills most enemies and far fewer shots are required for bosses. Fort Diego
Golden Gun Siege
Infinite Deadeye The player's deadeye meter does not go down. Battle Finale
Invincibility The player's health bar does not go down when hit. Fall from Grace
No Distortion The "camera distortion" is removed from gameplay, presenting a much sharper image. End of the Line
No HUD All graphical elements on screen are removed, including ammo/health/deadeye and money displays as well as weapon cross-hairs and deadeye locks. Stagecoach
Sad Stars A shower of colored stars with "sad faces" appears whenever the player or an enemy is hit. The Mine

The Man With No Name

When setting up a new player profile and entering the player's name, choose the space (represented by ">" on the keyboard in the interface) and press the X button to enter a single space (there will be no visible change on the screen). Move the cursor to "End" and click the X button to accept the name. The game will name the player "Rstar". Activating this cheat will set a random selection of store items to be considered purchased up-front, giving the player a head start. The purchased items will vary and may include weapons and upgrades, health and deadeye increases, journal pages, and showdown characters and stages.

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