Chelonian Master is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Nothing is known about Chelonian Master's life prior to 1899, other than he is the cult leader around New Hanover. His cult has set up camp on a mountain in Cumberland Forest.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

If Arthur accepted to help Mary Linton to convince her brother Jamie to come back to her and leave the cult. When Arthur arrives at the camp, the Chelonian Master is heard preaching the teachings of Chelonia to other members and Jamie. The Chelonian Master and others are surprised when Arthur approaches him. Arthur tells Jamie that his sister is worried about him. However, the Chelonian Master interrupts him and tell him that Jamie has chosen a path. Arthur tells the Chelonian Master that Jamie's sister Mary just only wants to talk to him. Arthur must convince the Chelonian Master to let Jamie go by answer Chelonian Master questions. If player is able answer his question in a non-aggressive mood this will convince the Chelonian Master and he will allow Arthur to speak to Jamie.

If the dialogue is hostile, the Chelonian Master will refuse to let Arthur speak to Jamie. Arthur will get angry and choke the Chelonian Master.


After meeting with Anders Helgerson, founder of the cult in Saint Denis, John can go back to the camp and find the Chelonian Master wearing a large turtle shell, leading several NPC's off of the nearby cliff. If the player chooses to jump, John will comically echo the members' chant.

Mission appearances


  • When Jamie runs away from Arthur, if the player decides to shoot the Chelonian Master this will result in the other members to panic and they will jump off the cliff.
  • Chelonian Master is voiced by Jim Conroy, who also did the voice for Anders Helgerson.


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