Chewing Tobacco
Game Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2
Nickname(s) Tobacco, chew, dip, quad, ect
Type Dead eye boost
Price $35 New Austin
$~ Nuevo Paraiso
$~ West Elizabeth
Refills the Dead Eye Meter.

–In-game description

Chewing Tobacco is a consumable item in Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2.


Using Chewing Tobacco will refill the Dead Eye meter. After selecting the chew, Marston will put the tobacco in his mouth. Occasionally, if the player uses chewing tobacco when Marston's Dead Eye meter is already full, Marston will put the tobacco in his mouth, then spit it out.


Chewing Tobacco can be bought from General Stores for $18 - $35 (depending on the player's Honor). Initially 5 may be held in the players inventory, once completing rank 10 of the Treasure Hunter challenges, the satchel is upgraded to accommodate double (10) of all consumables (excepting survivalist maps).


  • Sometimes when using Chewing Tobacco while riding a horse, a floating chair will appear where Marston's head was when he put the tobacco in his mouth.


  • Even though you are supposed to spit the tobacco juices out of your mouth when chewing, Marston is rarely seen spitting.

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