Chez Porter is a ranch in Red Dead Redemption 2 in the Grizzlies West region of the Ambarino territory.


Chez Porter is inhabited by a family who have lived in isolation for years, to the point where they have developed their own dialect, and are likely inbred. If the player enters the property, the family reacts with hostility.

The player can overhear a conversation in which the patriarch of the family ranch, Pappy, tells his family to kill any uninvited guests. Workers can also be seen weeding plants at the back of the ranch.

Numerous cigarette cards and packs of premium cigarettes, containing cards, can be found on the property along with other consumable items.


During Chapter 2, Javier Escuella tells Arthur that he's heard of a family of outlaws at Chez Porter who have a lot of hidden cash. Arthur comments that it "sounds pretty dubious", but Javier asserts that, because of its remote location, there’s not much chance of them getting caught. Arthur accepts the idea, and the two ride out to the homestead to rob it.

When they get there, Arthur hides while Javier sets fire to an outbuilding as a distraction. The family come out, only to be gunned down and eventually wiped out by Arthur and Javier. After this, the two search for the money, and eventually find a lockbox in the barn which contains their prize — $175 each.

Further visits to Chez Porter will find the place abandoned, but the chest in the barn can still be looted.


  • The Pump-action Shotgun can be found here.
  • Between the house and the barn there is a small garden where several ginseng plants can be found amongst the rows.
  • Multiple American Paint horses can be found here, all of which are hitched and therefore do not need taming.
  • The single and bunk beds can be slept in.



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