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Chick Matthews is a minor character in Red Dead Redemption II.



Chick Mathews is a ranch hand who had financial difficulties, which resulted in him taking a loan from Leopold Strauss.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

When Arthur arrives at Guthrie Farm to collect the debt, Matthews is seen grooming his horse. Arthur asks a ranch worker where he can find Chick Matthews, and the ranch worker points him out. Knowing that he has been found, Chick Matthews then flees the area on horseback.

Arthur then chases after him, and eventually manages to subdue him with a lasso. Chick pleads with Arthur to let him go, and gives him the map of where his money is hidden. After doing so, Matthews runs away and Arthur collects the debt money from Chick's stash.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • Killing Chick will lower the player's Honor.
  • If the mission becomes unavailable Chick can be killed without affecting the mission's progress.
  • If the player catches him without talking to any of the farmhands, the mission will become unavailable. If Arthur returns to Guthrie Farm another Chick Matthews will spawn.
  • If Chick is greeted before the other farmhand, he plays dumb and tells the player to ask the farmhand for help. However, if the player aims a weapon at him instead, he says that he doesn't know anything about a debt. Arthur then calls him out on it, pointing out that he didn't mention a debt. The chase will then begin as normal.
  • His map can be obtained by either looting him or letting him hand it over by cutting him free.
  • If Chick is not looted and the player lets him hand over the map himself it will be impossible to loot him afterwards, even if the player hogties him again.
  • It is possible to rob him after the map has been collected.
  • Chick is one of the very few characters in the game to ride a horse without a saddle.