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The Chicken is a type of animal that appears in Red Dead Revolver and Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead Revolver

Chickens roam around the Harlow's house at Broken Creek and around Annie Stoakes' ranch. When shot or trampled, they simply scatter and are not killed.

Red Dead Redemption

Chickens can be found in pens or wandering the streets in many Settlements. They can be killed to obtain Feathers. High power weapons will obliterate the bird, however, so a knife or low power gun should be used.


  • Dead chickens can be found in stores hanging or standing flat, and some meats appear in plates which are possibly chicken meat. Sometimes butchers will go their bench and cut dead chickens' heads off, before throwing the separated body and head into different barrels.
  • The breed of chicken used as the gameplay model is an amalgamation of a Rhode Island Red and a New Hampshire Red. This is an unlikely breed to be found in the American west at the time.
  • It's possible to kick chickens in both games by pressing the fire button with no weapon drawn.
    • If kicked too many times, the chicken can be knocked out. The player will then be unable to take its feathers.
    • Oddly, if the player kicks a chicken into the water it will not drown, unlike other animals.
  • Chickens can be trampled if run over by a cart or other vehicle.
  • Unlike other farm animals, the player does not incur a bounty for killing livestock when killing a chicken.
  • Oddly, in rare cases, shooting the chicken will not harm it, even with the strongest weapons. The chicken will become invincible, able to withstand even an explosion.
  • Killing a chicken is not required for the Unnatural Selection trophy/achievement.
  • In Rathskeller Fork, the dogs will often growl at and then attack the chickens, killing them. This is useful to get feathers which can be dropped at up to 5 per chicken.


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