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Chico Renovales is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Chico Renovales is a rebelde who fights for Abraham Reyes in order to "liberate" Nuevo Paraiso from oppression. After Escalera is taken, Chico can be seen as a guard at the main gate.


He can be encountered in most missions that take place in Nuevo Paraiso. After the Rebeldes defeat the Mexican Army, Chico operates as a lawman and will pursue Marston if he commits a crime. He can most often be found playing Poker in the Chuparosa or Casa Madrugada saloons.

He also makes a small appereance during the mission "An Appointed Time" where he is seen hacking at the front doors of the mansion along with Reinaldo Sigales. Later at the very end of the mission he is seen talking with Reinaldo, and is then ordered by Abraham Reyes to follow him.

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