Think you can beat me in arm wrestling?

Chogan is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Chogan is a Native American resident of West Elizabeth.


Chogan can sometimes be found Arm Wrestling at the Pacific Union Railroad Camp. However, he has also been known to loiter around the General Store at Manzanita Post.


I heard Dutch van der Linde killed one of his own men for looking at him funny.
There's a fortune in Broken Tree.
Hey there, cowboy!
Chogan greeting Marston


  • His name is of Blackfoot origin, where it means "Blackbird".
  • Despite being Native American, Chogan dresses similarly to Caucasian citizens.
    • His outfit is similar to that of Rafael Carillo, but with a different hat.
  • Chogan and Hassun are the only Native Americans that are seen in settlements participating in normal activities. Additionally, he and Nastas are the only Native Americans not involved in criminal activity.
  • Chogan is the only Native American found in the Free Roam mode.
  • Chogan can be seen smoking a Native American stylized pipe by the campfire at the Pacific Union R.R. Camp.

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