My English good, no need practice.

Chow Hoy while having a drink

Chow Hoy is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Chow Hoy is an elderly Chinese immigrant living in Mexico.


Chow Hoy can frequently be encountered playing Blackjack at the saloon in Chuparosa. He appears to live within the small Chinese community in El Matadero, though unlike most of the other immigrants there he does not seem to hold any kind of job.

Chow spends most of his time lounging around the slaughterhouse, smoking opium and conversing with the other inhabitants. During evenings in Chuparosa he can sometimes be seen waiting at the train station, implying that he often travels by rail between the town and his home in El Matadero.


Néih hóu. (你好 in Chinese - Cantonese)
Chow Hoy greeting someone
Mut gam ngaam ge. ("What a coincidence", 咁啱嘅 in Chinese - Cantonese)
Chow Hoy greeting someone
I do doubling.
Chow Hoy (doubling down in Blackjack)
Hit me, you hit!
Chow Hoy (taking a card in Blackjack)
Hit card, go!
Chow Hoy (taking a card in Blackjack)
No card. Stay.
Chow Hoy (staying in Blackjack)
I will stay.
Chow Hoy (staying in Blackjack)
My English good, no need practice.
Chow Hoy while having a drink
Hello, Mr. John.
Chow Hoy (when Marston has high fame)
Split card.
Chow Hoy (splitting in Blackjack)
No gun! No gun! Don't shoot!
Chow Hoy (running away during a gunfight)


  • Chow Hoy can be translated into "走開" which means to "go away" or "piss off" in Cantonese which was a dialect of Chinese most commonly spoken by Chinese immigrants at the time.
  • Chow Hoy can also be translated as "周海", the word "周" (Chow) is a fairly common family name in China, while the word "海" (Hoy) means sea.
  • On occasion, Chow Hoy can be seen performing tricks with a Cattleman Revolver. However, if threatened he will hardly ever attack the player with it.
  • Like most Chinese characters in the game, Chow Hoy speaks in the Cantonese dialect of Chinese, hinting at his place of origin in Guangdong province.
  • During the mission Landon Ricketts Rides Again he can be seen smoking opium.
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