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Cigarette Cards are collectibles that can be found throughout the world of Red Dead Redemption 2.


The search is sparked after the mission "Smoking and other Hobbies", where you meet Phineas T. Ramsbottom, a determined cartophilist who requests the player's help to find each and every card set.

For 100% game completion you only need to find one full set of 12 cards.

There are 12 Cigarette Card Sets, each one containing 12 cards, which equals 144 cards in total.

Collections and rewards


If players simply wish to try their luck by purchasing or picking up packs of Premium Cigarettes, they can be purchased at the below locations:


  • Drop all premium cigarettes from your inventory every now and then, as you may have accidentally hit the cap of how many cases of them you can hold at one time. This way you won't miss out on the cases you might find in enemy/NPC pockets.
  • If you wish to buy the cigarette cards, obtain the final satchel upgrade and max honor. This way reaching the inventory cap will "only" cost you 25$. Even with the upgrades, obtaining all cards this way will cost up to 700-800$.
  • Saint Denis has both a fence and post office near the general store, allowing you to both post the sets and sell duplicates easily. Alternatively, Rhodes and Wallace station general stores have one of each close by.
  • While using the catalog is slightly faster, picking the cigarettes from the shelf is easier, as the player only needs to hold the purchase button and occasionally open their inventory to drop their cigarettes. The log can be used to see which sets you've completed without opening the pause menu.
  • Sending all 12 sets gives back over 1000$ in rewards, so a high honor player may even make profit if all sets are sent.


  • ps4ps4 If you take a train to Riggs Station from anywhere and hijack it at the station, if you are in the train with blue walls inside, you can pick an infinite number of cigarette cards from the 2 packs in the cabinets of the first and last train cars with a safe inside (at the very front and the very end of the train). The only thing you need to do is close the cabinet doors after you pick up the cigarette cards and go to the other end of the train. The cigarette packs should reappear when you come back.[1]


  • Unlike most collectibles in video games, there is not a set amount of cards on the world; while each set has 12 cards, it is possible to obtain any amount of duplicate cards, especially if one prefers to obtain them by purchasing premium cigarettes. Any unnecessary cards can be sold to any fence.
  • Also unlike many collectibles, the player doesn't have to collect all of them for 100% completion instead only one set is needed (however they will need to collect them all to complete "Smoking and other Hobbies")

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