Surrender now, and I'll see to it that you don't get hanged.

Claude Banfield

Claude Banfield is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Claude is a lawman who operates in the New Austin region.


Claude can be encountered when first beginning the Tumbleweed gang hideout. Marston will find Claude tied up within the old jail. After he has been freed, he will assist Marston in clearing Tumbleweed of outlaws.

Otherwise, Claude can most often be encountered at MacFarlane's Ranch, where he commonly plays poker and patrols. He has also been known to take part in High Stakes poker games in Blackwater. When the player returns a bounty to MacFarlane's Ranch jail, he is on hand to pay the reward. Furthermore, if Marston commits a crime, Claude will pursue him to multiple locations across New Austin. In Armadillo, he is often the one to pin up Wanted Posters. He can also be seen wandering about, and sometimes smoking a cigarette on the porch of the Sheriff's Office.


Just give up, son. Don't cause no trouble.
Claude Banfield during a gunfight
The MacFarlanes have tookn' good care of me. I should buy them something nice.
Claude Banfield while playing poker
Mind out, sheriffs walkin.
Claude Banfield when bumped into
Were professional peacekeepers son, ya here for some trouble.
Claude Banfield during a gunfight
Oh, your robbing me!
Claude Banfield during a gunfight


  • If Claude is killed during the shootout at Tumbleweed, he will still be found at MacFarlane's Ranch.
  • After the first attempt at Tumbleweed, Claude will no longer appear, and the player is simply tasked with killing the criminals.
  • His character model is available in the Outfitter under the name Charley Burg.
  • In the event where a lawman asks Marston to catch two criminals, Claude is more than often the lawman that is killed by the escapees.
  • If caught cheating at poker, killing or disarming Claude in the resulting duel will not result in a bounty.
  • He, unlike most law officers who yell insults and threaten the player with death, may try to reason with the player.
  • If attacked at the High Stakes Poker room, he will alert the law, but often doesn't become part of the lawmen trying to kill the player.
  • Very rarely, Claude may accidentally spawn at Chuparosa and will shoot at any rebels at the poker table. If the player looks away from him for a few seconds, he may disappear.
  • The only place Claude can be found when not taking part in an event or pursuing a wanted player is Macfarlane's Ranch or at the High Stakes Poker room in Blackwater.
  • Claude is the only lawman who plays poker in New Austin and West Elizabeth.
  • Due to his heavy presence there, it is possible that Claude is the Sheriff of MacFarlane's Ranch, although there is another lawmen, Buford Ackley, that is also present at MacFarlane's Ranch. This could mean that both of them share the same rank.

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