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Clay Brannon is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Clay is a professional lawman who operates in various locations around West Elizabeth and New Austin. His background is unknown, but he seems to have at least one relative, George Brannon, who has since been buried. Like most lawmen, Clay is prideful and a tad arrogant, enjoying any opportunity he can to exercise his authority.


Clay can usually be found wandering around Manzanita Post on the lookout for troublemakers. However, if Marston has a high enough bounty, Clay will join other lawmen in tracking him to multiple locations around West Elizabeth and New Austin.

He may sometimes appear during a random encounter in which he and Wesley Hubbard will be pursuing and shooting at a fleeing criminal. If the player intervenes and kills the criminal, or shoots the lawmen, then the resulting choice will either increase or decrease their Honor.


You facin’ the law now boy, ain’t no way out of this!
Clay Brannon when the player is wanted.
Inhuman sack of shit, I’m comin’ for ya!
Clay Brannon when the player is Wanted.
Ah, dammit! Somebody, get the doctor!
Clay Brannon when injured.
Famous or not, John, I’m still the law around here.
Clay Brannon when bumped by a high Fame John Marston.
You better have the doctor look at that jawbone diarrhea.
Clay Brannon when insulted.
I’m going to shoot you six ways to Sunday, boy!
Clay Brannon when hogtied.
Hell if that ain’t true.
Clay Brannon responding to a conversation.
Shut the hell up, John.
Clay Brannon when insulted by a high Fame Marston.
Squinty-eyed sumbitch, look where you’re going!
Clay Brannon when bumped.
Crazy idiot!
Clay Brannon when shocked.