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For the supporting character in Chapter 6, see Cleet.

I'll spend it on something nice, mister, I promise!
Cleet taunting Arthur Morgan after stealing his money.

Cleet is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Cleet is a street urchin and thief in Saint Denis.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

When Arthur is looking for information as to the whereabouts of Angelo Bronte, he comes across Cleet and a couple of street kids hanging out in alleyway. They ask Arthur if he has any cigarettes, to which he says he does not, while he asks them if they can lead him to Bronte. Cleet and his friend offer to take Arthur to Bronte on the condition of immediate payment, which Arthur reluctantly accepts.

Arthur follows Cleet and his friend, who begin acting as tour guides for the city, showing Arthur various amenities. Eventually, they show Arthur the cathedral but, unbeknownst to Arthur, Cleet sneaks behind him and cuts the ropes of Arthur's satchel. Arthur notices this and quickly turns around, only to see Cleet holding his satchel and preparing to run away, initiating a chase. At some stage, Cleet jumps on a wagon nearby. Cleet tells a kid controlling a wagon to get moving, but the wagon crashes. Cleet continues to tease Arthur and then gets onto a trolley.

If Arthur is able to catch up to him, he tackles Cleet to the ground and threatens him, demanding that he give the satchel back. After Cleet does so, Arthur also asks him where Bronte can be found. After telling Arthur that he was only "playing around", Cleet tells him that Bronte's mansion can be found on Flavian Street. With the information he had wanted, Arthur lets Cleet go and tells him to "get lost"; Cleet then runs away.

If Arthur fails to catch up to Cleet, he encounters a gang of street kids armed with guns and melee weapons. Arthur then demands that Cleet gives him stuff back and tells them that Cleet and his friend were initially going to show him where he can find Angelo Bronte. The leader of the street gang slaps Cleet for stealing from Arthur, before telling Arthur that he works for Bronte. Despite being dubious as to why Arthur is looking for Bronte, the leader tells him that Bronte's mansion is on Flavian Street and gives Arthur his satchel back.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


Aren't you tired yet, old man?
Cleet taunting Arthur during the chase.
Don’t you have pigs to feed?
Cleet taunting Arthur during the chase.
You ain't got a chance in hell, slowpoke!
Cleet taunting Arthur during the chase.
I was just playing. Get off me, mister. I'm a good boy, I wash.
Cleet if he is caught by Arthur.


  • He shares his name with another plot-relevant character, minor antagonist Cleet.
  • Like all Saint Denis street urchins, it is impossible to hurt or murder Cleet, no matter what kind of weaponry the player uses against him.