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Clemens Cove is a natural formation in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online in the Scarlett Meadows region of the Lemoyne territory. In this location, a Fence can be used to sell stolen horses.


The area consists of a few small ruined structures surrounded by rubble, situated in an expanse of fields near the shore of Flat Iron Lake.


In the mission "Horse Flesh for Dinner", Arthur Morgan, John Marston and Javier Escuella visit Clemens Cove to sell three of the Braithwaite family's prized horses to the Davies brothers. After receiving much less money than they expected, the trio leave disappointed. Subsequently, the player can visit Clay Davies at Clemens Cove to sell horses.

Known Graves


  • Despite its name, the area is not a cove.
  • Despite it being considered a location, Clemens Cove isn't labeled on the map.