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Cliff is a minor character featured in Red Dead Online.



Cliff is the leader of an outlaw gang in New Austin. At some point in 1898, he fell in love with Allison O'Dowd, who ran away from her husband, Terrence, to live with him.

Events of Red Dead Online

In the mission "Love and Honor", Terrence asks the protagonist's posse to rescue Allison, claiming that she was kidnapped by a gang of outlaws and taken to Twin Rocks. Once the protagonis have dealt with Cliff's gang and enter the building that he and Allison are in, the couple plead with the protagonists to leave them be or save them. The players are then given the choice of either helping Allison and Cliff escape, or killing Cliff and bringing Allison back to Terrence.

If the players choose to help Allison and Cliff, they will escort them to Mercer Station while fending off gunmen hired by Terrence. Afterwards, the couple leave to start a new life elsewhere, far away from Terrence.

If the players choose to kill Cliff, they will do so and take Allison to Terrence while fending off the remaining members of Cliff's gang.



While an outlaw, Cliff is an honorable and kind man. He genuinely loves and cares for Allison, despite not being as wealthy as her husband, and is willing to die to protect her. When confronted by the players, he maintains a calm attitude and tries to make appeal to their kindness, so that they would help him and Allison. He even offers to give them all the money he has left. If the players choose to help them, Cliff will be grateful and will thank them for making the humane choice.

Mission Appearances

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