Hey shooter, get your ass over here!
Clifton Ledbetter

Clifton Ledbetter is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Red Dead Redemption

He can be found in many towns such as Armadillo, Blackwater, and Thieves' Landing and he will likely be one of the first people that Marston will duel in the game. He can also be seen in the wilderness where he will challenge Marston to a sharpshooting contest.

Undead Nightmare

In Undead Nightmare, Clifton can be found defending the monastery of Las Hermanas where he is usually on the roof of the main entrance. He often appears to be the leader of the survivors. If Las Hermanas is saved and Clifton survives, he will wander around the monastery grounds.

He can also be found during a random encounter, in which he claims to be sick and needs a doctor. He will then turn into an undead and attempt to attack the player.


How 'bout I make you famous? All you gotta do is agree to a duel.
Clifton Ledbetter challenging Marston to a duel
You ain't gonna beat Clifton Ledbetter!
Clifton Ledbetter challenging Marston to a duel
You think that gun is any less useless than your prick?
Clifton Ledbetter challenging Marston to a sharpshooting contest
I'll fuck ya twice and shoot ya three times if you try an' move on me!
Clifton Ledbetter when bumped into
Over here partner! I don't feel so good... I need a doctor.
Clifton Ledbetter, when encountered in Undead Nightmare
You stink.
Clifton Ledbetter insulting a Undead
You ain't no match for Clifton Ledbetter.
Clifton Ledbetter


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