Clingman is a structure in Red Dead Redemption 2, in the Roanoke Ridge region of the New Hanover territory.

It lies to the northeast of Emerald Station and south of the Fire Lookout Tower.


Clingman is a small wooden shack that most likely was used as an outpost during the Civil War. A few meters to the south a small lookout with a ladder can be found, and a little north is a fire lookout tower.


When the player first arrives they will be confronted by Captain Hayden Russel, who will ask the player if they are from the north or the south. The player can return after this encounter where Rusell will have forgotten they met and will ask again whether they are blue or gray referring to the color of the Union and the Confederate army in the Civil War.


  • A lookout platform can be found mounted on a tree a few yards away from the cabin. Two Cigarette Cards can be found here: the Bluejay and the Pheasant, both atop the platform.


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