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I seem like some kind of liar? Is that why you won't help me?
Clinton Arnsdale to Sheriff Malloy

Clinton Arnsdale is a minor character featured in Red Dead Online.



Clinton Arnsdale is the owner of Painted Sky ranch. He also has an unnamed sister.

Events of Red Dead Online

Horley directs the protagonist to Painted Sky ranch to assist law enforcement in the region with the situation involving Clinton.

The protagonist arrives at the ranch to witness Clinton pleading with Sheriff Malloy to bring Bob Crawfish to justice for having stolen valuable property from him. After the Sheriff's insistence that he cannot be of any help, Clinton promptly turns to the protagonist and their posse. Upon agreement, he subsequently directs them towards Limpany in order to apprehend Crawfish and his accomplices, with further instructions to bring them near Riggs Station.

Once Crawfish and his associates are brought to him and laid on the tracks, Clinton questions their motives for having stolen from him. Eventually relenting, Crawfish reveals that Clinton's sister had hired them and that what they had taken is located in the basement of her house. Clinton then curses his sister, pays the players, and requests them to leave the gang of the captured bandits on the train tracks before departing.

Mission Appearances

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  • Among the pieces of property Clinton states Bob Crawfish had stolen from him is are a collection of Staffordshire china, paintings of scenes of Italy, and photographs of fairies.