He'll believe anything I say because I'm white.
Clyde Garrison

Clyde Garrison is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Clyde wears a nice suit, suggesting he is fairly well-to-do.


Clyde plays a small role in the mission "Liars, Cheats and Other Proud Americans" where he is both a spectator and a racer.

Clyde can most often be seen in Thieves' Landing, playing poker in the saloon. He also plays in MacFarlane's Ranch and can be found at Ridgewood Farm, Rathskeller Fork and Benedict Point. He can occasionally be found playing High Stakes poker in Blackwater, as well as loitering at the train station at Casa Madrugada.


That deal almost ruined me.
Clyde Garrison, losing at Poker
Time to get down to brass tacks.
Clyde Garrison, raising the bet
Clyde Garrison, getting a bad card in poker
We have to get those people off that land.
Clyde Garrison
He's just an under-privileged hoodlum.
Clyde Garrison
I see the way he looks at my wife.
Clyde Garrison
I'm cutting my wolf loose.
Clyde Garrison
You're gettin' my spurs tangled.
Clyde Garrison



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