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Colter is an abandoned settlement in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online, in the Grizzlies West region of The State of Ambarino.

It serves as the location of the camp during the first chapter of the game.



The mining town was abandoned during the great storm of 1884. Much of the town is still intact, although some parts are more derelict.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

The game begins within the settlement of Colter, where the Van der Linde gang takes shelter from a vicious snowstorm after escaping from the Pinkertons in Blackwater. The gang waits out the storm while replenishing equipment and supplies from a nearby homestead, and food by hunting deer near the area.

The gang also fights the O'Driscoll Boys, who have taken shelter at the nearby Ewing Basin. During this endeavor, the gang finds the O'Driscoll Boys' plan to rob a train.

Later, the Van der Linde gang use the O'Driscoll Boys' plan and rob the train for themselves, before relocating southeast to Horseshoe Overlook in The Heartlands, New Hanover, after the weather sufficiently improves.


There is a main street running down the middle, with numerous buildings positioned at either side of it. Coming from the south, there is a stable situated on the right, with a small cooking station beside it; this is used by Pearson in the first chapter. Outside of these stables are two horse-hitching posts. On the left of the road lie a few buildings which served as accommodation for the miners; these mostly remain intact.

At the northern edge of the settlement, the buildings become more derelict. An unidentified building sits beside the church, which is in ruins: large sections of the roof have holes and gaps in them, with many planks of wood missing from the structure. Beside the church lies a small graveyard, where numerous tombstones can be found. Facing the church is a building which has been reduced to a pile of rubble and debris.


  • Deceased Van der Linde gang member Davey Callander is buried within the area of the settlement; the grave can be visited at any time, and is required for the “Paying Respects” trophy/achievement.
  • During the first chapter, the player cannot stray too far from Colter. If they do, Arthur's health will quickly deplete and he will die.
  • Colter may be a reference to John Colter who was part of the Lewis and Clark expedition and is considered the first "mountain man".


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