Compendium is a feature introduced in Red Dead Redemption 2. The compendium is a set of detailed information regarding various animals, persons, and objects that the player can interact and encounter while free-roaming.



The compendium is a very useful tool in Red Dead Redemption 2 if you wan to understand the lore of the game world or if you want to know information of a gang or an animal.



Main article: Animals

Information on all animals that you may come across during your adventure. This guide includes where the animals inhabit, the best way to hunt them, and crafting details.
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Main article: Fishing

Information on all the best fishing places across the land. This guide will help you identify which lure is best for each species of fish and when they are most active.
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Main article: Horse

Information on the different breeds of horses that inhabit the land. This guide will help you decide which type of horse is most suitable for your lifestyle.
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Information on all equipment that can be used. This guide will help you identify which equipment suits your situation as well as information on equipment upgrades.
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A guide to where the most notorious gangs hide out. This should help you identify the gang members that roam the lands.
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Main article: Plant Gathering in Redemption 2

Information on where each plant grows across the region and their benefits. This guide will help you identify which plants are decorative and which can be used for crafting.
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Main article: Weapons in Redemption 2

Information on all of the weapons that are available. This guide will help you identify which weapon will suit your needs, their statistics, and the ammo they can use.
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Cigarette Cards

Information on the twelve different collectable packs of Cigarette Cards that can be found. Each pack features twelve unique and informative cards.
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