The Compliments of the House DLC is a free update, originally released in June 2014, that includes three former pre-order (later purchasable) exclusives: the Deadly Assassin Outfit, the War Horse, and Golden Guns (only the Cattleman Revolver and Carbine Repeater) DLCs. It is automatically installed with all digital copies of the game.

Turning off Golden Guns

With this DLC pack you do not have the option to turn off the two included golden guns.

  • The only way to turn them off (according to a Rockstar Support article) is by purchasing the Golden Guns DLC (which adds gold skins for all guns) and either using the Options menu or pressing RB + LB + D-pad left + B + Y (Xbox 360)/R1 + L1 + D-pad Left + Circle + Triangle. It must be redone each time the player loads the game.
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