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Compson's Stead is an abandoned homestead in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online in the Scarlett Meadows region of the Lemoyne territory.


The property consists of a shed and an old house, built by the great-grandfather of Jeremiah Compson. Compson and his family lived in the house for many years, before it was seized by the bank in November 1895.


The player meets Compson in Rhodes, who laments about his troubles and states that the bank seized the property and the house is in disrepair. The protagonist agrees to get three possessions from the property: his ledger, his pocket watch and his old pistol. This initiates the stranger mission "The Iniquities of History".

After finding the latter of Jeremiah Compson's two items and dealing with a duo of squatters, the player enters the cellar and finds various items including letters, a photograph and a drawing, along with a ledger. It turns out to be a document containing a list of escaped slaves that Compson recaptured for payment during the 1850s. The protagonist returns the items to Compson at his camp, and expresses disgust at Jeremiah Compson's "legacy" being nothing more than a slave catcher. The player can either kill Compson or leave, either of which increases the player's Honor.

The shed on the outer part of the property is burned to the ground during the mission "An Honest Mistake", while Arthur, Charles, Bill, and Uncle hold out there when they are fighting Leviticus Cornwall's mercenaries.


  • The squatters encountered in the stranger mission are already living in the house during the mission "An Honest Mistake".
  • To the west of the house, there is a well. At the bottom there are some coins, and there appears to be tally marks on the stone walling, indicating someone either fell and became trapped down here, was held prisoner, or was meant to be thrown down and killed but instead survived.


  • On the front porch, to the right of the door on the bench is the Jim Cobb Cigarette Card.