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Connie MacTavish
Rdr connie mctavish.jpg
Gender Female
Location Town of Blackwater in Great Plains, West Elizabeth
Affiliations Silas
Archibald Andrews
Lucille Billingsgate
Voice Actor Kate Cullen Roberts

I blame the Mexicans! They haven't been struck down.

Connie MacTavish offers her explanation for the plague.

Connie MacTavish is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known of Connie's background. Her surname suggests she is of Scottish descent. According to Lucille Billingsgate, Connie was married but her husband was killed during the plague.


In Undead Nightmare, Connie appears in the Survivor mission "Curious Tales from Blackwater". She is with the group of survivors that has Silas and Archibald Andrews arguing over who should be their leader. During the argument, Lucille is attacked by an undead and the rest of the group flees.


  • She shares a character model with Muriel Scranton.
  • She and Doreen share the same voice actor, Kate Cullen Roberts.
  • According to Connie, the Mexicans are the cause of Undead Nightmare's events due to the government's lax immigration policy.

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