Consumables is a section of the player's Inventory, where Marston stores gained foods and items that can be used for different purposes.

Known consumable items

Red Dead Redemption

  • Medicine: Restores Marston's health.
  • Apple: Refills your horse's stamina.
  • Horse Pills: Refills and temporarily grants your horse limitless stamina.
  • Bait: A jack-of-all trades animal bait, used by hunters to attract potential game.
  • Chewing Tobacco: Refills the Dead Eye meter.
  • Snake Oil: Refills the Dead Eye meter.
  • Moonshine: Refills the Dead Eye meter and no Dead Eye is consumed for 10 seconds
  • Vittles: Restores some of Marston's health (obtained by skinning animals after completing the Master Hunter challenges)
  • Tonic: Restores some Dead Eye. (obtained by gathering plants after completing the Survivalist challenges)
  • Mount Deeds: Permanent-use item that gives the player a new mount.
  • Pardon Letters: Clears the player of all its crimes.
  • Survivalist Map : Shows all nearby herbs on the map for 20 minutes. (40 minutes if reached Survivalist Rank 5)
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