Coopers General Store is a location featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. It is located in Strawberry, and is named after its owner Chip Cooper.


A convenient stop for all of your shopping needs in Big Valley. The store is stocked with a range of hunting and fishing supplies along with provisions and grooming products, and you can use the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalogue to buy and sell all kinds of items.[1]


  • Due to the lack of a Gunsmith in Strawberry, Coopers sells a small selection of guns (specifically the Double-action Revolver, Rolling Block Rifle and Repeating Shotgun) and a wider range of ammunition than other general stores.
  • Despite Strawberry being a dry town, alcohol can be purchased at Coopers, however it costs more than other general stores.
  • The owner is running an illegal moonshine business in the basement which can be robbed.
  • Although the store is sometimes called Cooper's General Store, especially on fan sites and webpages, an apostrophe does not appear on the store's signage. 


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