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Chalk up another one for the Cornet brothers.

Jason Cornet, if the player is killed

The Cornet Brothers are characters in Red Dead Revolver.


The twelve known Cornet brothers serve as Governor Griffon's secret service agents, protecting the governor and his mansion. Among them, Jason Cornet is the most deadly and, therefore, the one who sticks the closest to the governor.


The player first sees Jason Cornet during cutscenes for the mission "Battle Royale". When that mission is complete, the player can talk with him in the saloon. The rest of the brothers, including Jason again, are all encountered during the missions "Siege" and "House of Cards" where they serve as the primary opponents.

The Cornet brothers have a tendency to dodge and roll while attacking, presenting a more difficult target to lock on to. All appear with health bars on the screen and require more damage to defeat than typical enemies.

Mission Appearances

Showdown Mode

Besides Jason Cornet, none of the other brothers are available as playable characters in Showdown Mode.

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

The Cornet Brothers entry is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal on pages 282 - 283 under the Protectors of Brimstone section. The pages are unlocked by purchasing Burned-Out Store from the Brimstone General Store after the mission "The Cemetery". Jason is listed separately in the same section on pages 272 - 273.


These gunslingers weren't in the Battle Royale for nothin', boys.
Randy Cornet, facing Annie, Jack, and Red
Holy cow!
Jermone, when shoot at


  • Only seven of the brothers are included in the picture on their journal page.
  • It is unknown if they are by any chance related to one another, as Cornet could be just the codename all of them used once they started working for the Governor.
  • A lot of the Cornet brothers use Jason Cornet's quotes.


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