Cornwall Kerosene & Tar is an oil refinery in Red Dead Redemption 2 in The Heartlands region of the New Hanover territory.

The refinery itself is situated in the north-central part of the HeartlandsNew Hanover. The nearby Heartland Oil Fields are one of the company's many processions.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

During the mission "Pouring Forth Oil II", Arthur Morgan can steal an oil wagon from the refinery to use in a train robbery, although John Marston will steal the wagon instead if the player takes too long.

Later, Arthur helps Eagle Flies and his tribe by stealing important files from the refinery. Arthur is found after he climbs down from a window, but Eagle Flies sets off an explosion nearby, catching the oil on fire and allowing Arthur to escape.

Later, Eagle Flies assaults the refinery, but him and his army of Wapiti warriors are no match for the army. They suffer a number of losses, and would've been entirely annihilated had Arthur and the gang not helped them. After Arthur is surrounded by a group of soldiers, Eagle Flies saves his life, only for himself to be mortally wounded by Henry Favours. Arthur takes Eagle Flies to Rains Fall, who watches as his son dies.

By 1907, the refinery is completely abandoned.

Known employees


  • A shack rests to the southwest in the settlement. On the table are the Cigarette Cards for Maud Engel and Weightlifter - William Sleicher.
  • At the base of the oil derrick to the northeast is the Cigarette Card for General Quincy Harris.
  • Southeast of the settlement is Register Rock.
  • The facility itself and the surrounding area are heavily guarded by security and will shoot the player on sight if he lingers around for too long. Because of this some of the collectibles that are located here may be difficult to obtain.
  • The upper-righthand drawer of the only desk on the ground floor of the refinery has the cheat code "KEEP YOUR DREAMS LIGHT" inscribed on it.



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