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Country Pursuits is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mission Overview[]

Before they can rob the Saint Denis bank, Dutch convinces Arthur that they must kill Angelo Bronte. They visit Thomas, a local fisherman, to procure a skiff for the assault on Bronte's mansion.


Arthur finds Hosea Matthews and Dutch arguing about murdering Bronte, with Hosea believing it will be foolish, and Dutch pointing out that Bronte controls the entire town and that their planned robbery of Saint Denis bank will not be successful unless they get rid of him. Arthur and Dutch eventually leave and travel to Lagras to meet Thomas, a fisherman who will take them behind Bronte's mansion.

On their way to Lagras, Arthur asks Dutch if going after Bronte is for the bank robbery or revenge for the failed trolley station robbery. Dutch replies that that is not important and that it is necessary if the whole gang is going to have a better life. Their discussion soon moves to a frustrated Dutch asking Arthur for more faith and saying that everyone does not seem to trust him anymore, with Micah being the only loyal one. Arthur manages to calm Dutch down by pointing out that he is also still loyal, as he is riding with him right now, and has followed him for twenty years.

After arriving, the duo help Thomas check crawfish traps, then they look for Jules, a young fisherman who has the boat they need. Arthur finds him hiding in a tree, trying to escape from a "monster". As he climbs down, Arthur gets the skiff free from a large tree limb, and the four men start going back to shore. However, they get stuck, and Jules gets out to free the boat. After doing this, he is attacked by the monster, a Bullgator, and Arthur enters the water to get Jules back. He eventually does, and runs to the boat with the Bullgator chasing him. After reaching the boat, Arthur and Dutch shoot at the Bullgator to try and deter it, and start rowing back to shore. Arthur wraps up Jules' damaged leg and stops the bleeding, and Jules passes out.

They eventually reach the village, and two men help the injured Jules away. Dutch leaves to collect some of the gang members and tells Arthur to meet them back at the village later.

Gold Medal Objectives[]

  • Return Jules to the skiff within 1 minute and 40 seconds.
  • Shoot the Bullgator 5 times.

Mission Failure[]

The mission will fail if the player:

  • Assault, kills, or abandons, Dutch, Thomas, or Jules;
  • Allows Dutch, Thomas, or Jules to be killed;
  • Destroys the boat;
  • Kills or abandons their horse;
  • Dies.


  • As shown in pre-release screenshots, Bill was originally intended to appear in the mission rather than Dutch.
  • During the opening cutscene, when Arthur agrees to go with Dutch's plan of going after Bronte, Hosea warns Dutch that, "You'll damn us all..." a line Arthur later remembers during his final ride to camp in the "Red Dead Redemption" mission if his Honor is low.
  • If Arthur takes too long to initiate the mission after returning to camp, Dutch will become agitated and scream at Arthur to get to the balcony.


Video Walkthroughs[]

PS4 Version
PC Version

Background Music Played in the Mission[]

  • "Country Pursuits" - Played when Dutch and Arthur help Thomas find his friend Jules in the swamp.


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